Friday, October 26, 2012

Dalmation Print Contrast

 So let me tell you a little bit about those shoes of mine....
While in search for a new pair of flats (I haven't had new flats in years), I  visited almost every website I could think of. When I went to the Urban Outftters website, these nearly jumped off the page! They were pointed toe, dalmatian print, and textured- perfect in my mind! Plus, they were only $19.99 from $42.00, a deal I could not say no to. :)

 Photos- Myself
I can't wait for the many outfits I can pair these shoes with. They provide a nice contrast against dark pants and will (hopefully) look super-cute with black tights!

Any recent purchases that you've been super excited about?


Monday, October 22, 2012

Floral Corduroy

I found this skirt while casually thrifting recently. I had in mind that I wanted to purchase a skirt but had no exact cut, material, or pattern in mind. (This was unusual, as I typically search for specific items when shopping.) 

I came upon this skirt, first admiring the pattern from afar. Then, as I came closer, I noticed that the material was a thin wale corduroy. With a pattern as universal as this floral one, I couldn't believe it!


  Photos: Myself